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Yamuna Body Rolling Classes

What is Yamuna Body Ball Rolling?

Yamuna Body Ball Rolling is “The best way to Iron all those hard to stretch areas in a relaxing and effective series of ball rolling movement Patterns” (-Yamuna)

Yamuna Body Ball Rolling is fast gaining popularity with many Massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Yoga instructors, and Pilates Instructors for its effective way of deeply stretching muscles and releasing connective tissue restrictions at the joint deep to the bone. It helps create a way to self motivate clients to effectively stretch and massage muscles after exercise in a fun, relaxing way. It is a great self maintenance stretching exercise to help clients keep flexibility between treatments, but also creates self body awareness and core stability.

The beauty of Yamuna Body Ball Rolling is that it takes you from origin to insertion of a muscle at the tendon, elongating the muscle while stimulating the bone and soft tissue. Working with the body’s own gravity, the exercises ease movement in the muscles to the point of relaxation, offering one of the finest weight-bearing exercises, with benefits of a deep tissue self-massage (- Ms. Fitness Magazine) 

Yamuna Body Balls are unique 6-10 inch release balls that are specially designed in stability and size to reach all those areas of muscle attachments close the bone. The suppleness and elasticity allows forgiveness into the balls while lying, relaxing and rolling over the balls. There is no better way to learn to relax those over stimulated muscles in a easy to learn movement pattern helping the whole body balance in less time than regular stretching classes. > learn more www.allaboutbodyrolling.com

Your Instructor: Cheray Brandt

IMG_3282Join Certified Yamuna Body Ball Rolling Instructor Cheray in a small personalized mat class.  Learn how to stretch a muscle correctly and most effectively. Take home the knowledge and understanding of body awareness and learn how to stretch safely in a series of Body Ball Rolling routines that exercise your core muscles for balance and help improve your posture.
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Book your session:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 7pm- 8pm ( must have min 3 people to run classes)
  • $75  for a series of 6 classes
  • $18 / per drop-in class
  • $55 Private Session ( R.M.T. medical receipt included)


To book an appointment or for more information: email massagetherapy@therapypemberton.com, call Cheray at 604-932-7914 or book online

Advanced Foot Ball Rolling Session

Join Cheray in a 1 hour private foot ball rolling session to learn to identify those tight problem areas in your feet with an assessment by an R.M.T. that can help you understand how your foot moves. Prevent ankle injury, knee pain, and hip restriction by stretching and exercising the muscles of the feet with Yamuna foot Waker/Saver balls.

Self massage your calf muscles and hamstring muscles and find how connected they are to your foot. By learning proper gait assessment and strengthening /stretching techniques that are effective in correcting weak areas in your foot; you can reduce bunions, prevent plantar fasciatis , increase strength in the ankles, knees and hip joint. Realigning the tiny bones in the foot help change your center of gravity or base and help balance your muscles all the way up the leg to the hip joint.

Book your private session:

  • 1hr private session $55 (includes RMT receipt)

> To book an appointment or for more information:
 email massagetherapy@therapypemberton.com, call Cheray at 604-932-7914 or book online