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Naturopathic Treatment at Connections

Tired of being challenged by your health? Do you want to get your life back on track, but your body is not cooperating? Do you feel blocked?

Learn how to balance your body, your energy and make a breakthrough to a healthier life. Dr Andrew Eberding, ND MSc can help you find a solution specifically developed to meet your individual needs.

There are many reasons that that the human body fails to repair and rebuild itself – structural interferences, toxicities, deficiencies and dis-integration. Naturopathic medicine draws on time-tested treatments (nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy) that work with the human body to correct improper function.

Dr. Andrew Eberding: Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Andrew Eberding: Naturopathic DoctorFunctional, individualized medicine is something that Dr. Andrew Eberding feels privileged to provide for his patients. Every day he feels fortunate to spend time with patients who are reaching even higher levels of health. Naturopathic medicine is rooted in giving the patient the tools to heal themselves. This can mean many things, but overall it boils down to ensuring nutrient availability, supporting adequate elimination functions, reestablishing structural balance and managing integration within the environment at all levels of self: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.
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